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My name is Airton Toyansk, Freelance Web Developer and Software Product Manager from Brazil, currently based on Israel. I am specializing in both Front-End and Back-End Web Development. I can answer you in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

With 10+ years of experience developing a wide range of solutions, from Enterprise Portals to Institutional Websites, I worked with many technologies in different environments. Self-taught and motivated to implement new trends in technology, I have always developed products of the highest quality, for different market niches. Among these, I can mention the Education, HR and Beauty areas.

Working as a freelancer, I have currently developed solutions using MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js) technology, ensuring rapid and efficient development. But my products and skills include other languages such as PHP and ASP.NET C#. Besides that, I structure the products as a mobile-first approach, always mindful of responsive layout and product performance. For that, my tool set includes Bootstrap, Cordova and Ionic Framework. In addition to development, my passion includes working as a Product Manager, using knowledge of Agile Methodologies. As a Scrum Master Professional certified, I have the ability to take a broad view of the product and also work as a consultant, to ensure the product success. See below my skills.

If you have a project, I can help you, from the Front-End and Back-End Development to the configuration in the production environment. And I do not always do it alone. If your project needs someone else to include in your team, contact me.










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I provide my knowledge and experience on your project.
I am a specialist in the following areas:

Front-End Development

My knowledge and experience in web product management and back-end development allow me to develop a Front-End structure that enhances your business, including conceptual improvements to a rich presentation with a focus on user experience.
My current skills in Front-End are:

  • JavaScript development, including ES6 programming
  • Usage of AngularJS 1.x and Angular 2 frameworks
  • Semantic HTML5, with concern in SEO. Responsive design with CSS3 and Bootstrap
  • Usage of tools like Bower (for managing packages), Gulp (for automating task like code minification, tests, etc.), Less (CSS pre-processor)
  • Usage of jQuery library and TypeScript syntax
  • Good sense of UX, UI and typography, and experience in Photoshop and Illustrator

Back-End Development

In order to offer a complete development solution, I have specialized in some back-end configuration options, such as:

  • Development of entire JavaScript-based solution using MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js)
  • PHP or ASP.NET C# development
  • Usage of SQL databases, such as SQL Server and MySQL
  • Application development using OOP and MVC concepts
  • Deployment in Windows or Linux servers, into shared servers or AWS Cloud Computing architectures
  • Development and customizing websites using WordPress

Mobile Development

Investing in an idea can raise questions about the directions to be taken. How to introduce the user, how to monetize and which technologies will meet the business model. My goal is to analyze the context of your idea by designing and developing an attractive and functional app.

  • Consulting for planning and designing your mobile solution
  • Developing apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, all at once
  • Development using Apache Cordova and Ionic Framework
  • Integrating the app with web application via RESTful API

Product Management

Every product is unique, and there are not ready formula to find the solutions. I adapt the workflow to succeed in the specific conditions in your business.
How to translate your business needs into development and to deliver the best product is about iterate within all of the product's processes.

  • Consulting for planning and designing your product
  • Working both as part of a remote or in-company team
  • Track and analyze the entire product lifecycle, from requirements and prioritization, data-driven decision making and analysis, development iterations, testing and recurrent deliveries, till the process of continuous improvement
  • Self-motivated, detail-oriented, strong organizational skills, ability to meet deadlines, with a methodical approach to all tasks
  • Product management using Agile Methodologies, as Scrum Framework, Kanban and Lean


A showcase of development, management and experiments I have worked on.

Ser - Education System www.ser.com.br
Improve Talent
Improve Talent - Online Couching www.improvetalent.com
iBeauty.me App of schedules for beauty salons
Portal Pedagógico
Portal Pedagógico - Educational Content www.portalpedagogico.com.br
The Barbershop 941
The Barbershop 941 http://thebarbershop941.com
Atica e Scipione
Atica e Scipione - Online Books Store www.aticascipione.com.br

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